Our RFID sleeve tags are perfectly tailored to industrial applications thanks to the PA6 nylon housing. The RFID Sleeve Tag was specially developed for attachment to plastic pipes, cables or cylindrical containers. The tags can be attached using a wire loop or a cable tie through the two mounting holes.


In addition to the large selection of already available UHF and HF transponder ICs, iDTRONIC is now expanding the available product line with the NXP transponder IC’s NXP I-Code SLI-X and various NTAG IC’s. With this, iDTRONIC considers the increased demand for NFC Forum-compliant chip types and thus also supports mobile data acquisition through NFC-compatible end devices in the future.


Thanks to the IP68 protection class, the RFID slave tag is optimally protected against splash water and dust accumulation. The PA6 nylon housing offers reliable performance and read stability in harsh environments. It withstands chemicals, aggressive liquids and fluctuating temperatures from -40 ° C to +85 ° C without any problems.


The operational maintenance of equipment is an ongoing process. The primary goal is to ensure the full functionality of the devices. The RFID sleeve tags are suitable for the identification and maintenance of hoses, cables or pipes, as well as for the tracking or protection of fire extinguishers, air conditioning units or machines in industrial operations


The RFID sleeve tags are available with numerous personalization options. Optionally, we offer laser engraving with, for example, a customer-specific sequence of numbers or letters.
We encode your RFID tags using standard, NDEF or crypto-coding according to your individual requirements, such as your company’s own web address. On request, we can deliver the RFID sleeve tags with an Excel table with all coding details. The RFID tags can be delivered pre-sorted in the packaging. There are several color options to choose from:

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 iDTRONIC GmbH was founded in 2003 and is today a leading supplier of innovative RFID products on a global base. It´s core competency is   the development and manufacture of high-performance RFID reader hardware. The innovative RFID products guarantee fast and secure   identification for a wide range of applications. iDTRONIC RFID products are perfect to meet the requirements of system integrators and   developers by serving the common RFID standards UHF (868 MHz), HF / NFC (13.56 MHz) and LF (125 kHz) iDTRONIC is located in   Ludwigshafen, Germany

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