We have an extremely diversified UHF frequency product range. We offer the right device for every need. In this press release,
we would like to share with you these diverse opportunities and introduce to you our reliable UHF products.


What is UHF and where is it used?

The ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY (UHF: 860 MHz – 960 MHz) is particularly suitable for
long-range solutions, where large reading ranges of up to 15 meters are required.

These frequencies are often associated with Industry 4.0 and IoT and are suitable for applications
in retail, automatic vehicle identification, waste management, or industrial automation.


Product Area: RFID Readers

Desktop Reader EVO UHF

Desktop_Reader_EVO_optThe EVO UHF Desktop Reader is an easy-to-use RFID reader and writer with adjustable power. Its USB VCP interface enables high-speed data transfer and power supply. The EVO UHF RFID reader may be used with various USB devices and in various application areas, such as membership card reading, access control, or PC Login.

This UHF version supports RFID transponders according to ISO standard 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Generation 2. It allows a reading range up to 30 cm. Thanks to its ETSI (865 – 868 MHz) and FCC (902 – 928 MHz) frequency ranges, it is may be used globally.

Product Site: https://www.idtronic-rfid.com/rfid-leser/uhf/desktop-reader-evo

Product Area: Industrial  Readers

Cylindrical Reader M30 UHF

Cylindrical_ReaderThe BLUEBOX M30 UHF reader and writer is a fixed, compact, all-in-one RFID reader for industrial automation processes. It has a power output of up to 27 dBm / 500 mW. The power setting may be set in 1 dBm steps starting at 10dBm. In combination with the integrated circular antenna and a gain of -8 dBi, the M30 Cylindrical Reader can achieve reading ranges of up to 40 cm within industrial environments.

The device is provided with a RS232, RS485, or CanBus interface and a power interface of 10 to 36 V. This RFID device allows a flexible and fast integration into many existing applications, such as production control or industrial automation, with its easy to install cylindrical M30 housing and standardized M12 connectors.

Product Site: https://www.idtronic-rfid.com/lesegeraete-industrie/uhf/cylindrical-reader-m30

Product Area: Embedded Modules

UHF Modul M900

Embedded_Modul_M900_optThe M900 Embedded RFID Module is a compact UHF reader/writer with TTL or RS232 interface and one antenna connector. It achieves up to 5.5 meters / 18 feet reading range with a maximum 27dBm power output.

It supports all ISO18000-6C Tags, as well as ETSI & FCC frequencies 840 – 960 MHz. The M900 may be used for a wide variety of RFID applications, such as mobile computing, industrial automation, handheld computers, self-service systems or machine control systems.

Product Site: https://www.idtronic-rfid.com/embedded-rfid-module/uhf/module-m900

Product Area: Handheld Computers

C4 Orange

C4_Orange_optThis ultra-rugged and compact RFID handheld computer, C4 Orange, with integrated UHF or HF reader is built for working areas in rough terrain or in logistics. It combines lightweight design, powerful tech, and multiple mobile data capture options for all sorts of applications and mobile functionality. Powerful RFID readers such as this ensure reliable work on the go. The C4 Orange works with a high performance Quad A53 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, which enables enhanced work efficiency, better task flow and quicker response time.

Thanks to Android 7.0 OS and a capacitive 4.7 multi-touch display it is intuitive and easy-to-use — exactly the way you use your personal smart devices. The IP65 rated C4 Orange Handheld features 4G mobile telecommunications technology and global UHF support. 1D or 2D Barcode readers as well as fingerprint reader, PSAM security and an 8 MP camera are optional.

Product Site: https://www.idtronic-rfid.com/handheld_computer/c4-orange

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