RFID in Industrial Automation

RFID in Industry 4.0 Processes

To optimize production processes, the system must be able to control itself. There must be an autonomous exchange of information with individual products and product groups. Thanks to RFID technology, it is possible to fully automate production processes. The best possible sequence for each process step is found and it is ensured that the products find their way autonomously.

iDTRONIC offers innovative RFID hardware solutions for industrial and process automation applications. The controllers, readers and antennas as well as all parts for cabling are modular and available for all requirements and systems.

iDTRONIC Professional RFID tags are designed to be used in any industrial environment. For example, RFID tags can not only withstand high temperatures, but can withstand temperature cycles without losing the data in the tag’s memory.

The iDTRONIC Group offers a wide range of modular RFID products for industrial automation.

Application Areas of RFID in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: Machinery maintenance

Maintenance is an important process within production in Industry 4.0, so analyzing past data is essential for proper inspection and clear measurement. For this purpose, we offer the following RFID solutions for the maintenance of machines and systems for manufacturing.

Organization of Maintenance works

  • Equipping machines and devices for identification with RFID tags or RFID labels
  • Description with information provided via the integrated HF/NFC reader of a tablet
  • Due to the integrated multiple communication options of WiFi, Bluetooth or LTE 4G, it is possible to transmit data directly to an external system
  • The use of mobile device management systems (MDM) facilitates the capture, storage and processing of data

Inspection of machinery and equipment

  • Our UHF Tablet C9 – RED is an optimal tablet computer solution for the maintenance and servicing of machines
  • Multiple inspectors are able to access, modify or add to the data from different tablets
  • The documentation of defects or errors in the form of a picture is possible with the integrated 8 megapixel camera. This has the advantage that the person is immediately visible and a possible error analysis can be carried out immediately and safely

Documentation and transmission of test results

  • Editing, documentation and recording of the tested parameters, test data and devices is possible at any time
  • The evaluated test results are thus directly transferable to the respective machine, which has a desktop mount with industrial RS232 and Ethernet interface

Advantages in the definition and implementation of measures and repairs

The derivation of measures resulting from the maintenance process is easy to define with the linked test parameters. Possible repairs can be carried out immediately thanks to the photo documentation, eliminating the need to search for the objective fault on the device or machine. The transfer of all test data and measures is possible without data loss through the use of a mobile tablet and the MDM system. In this way, the maintenance manager can forward the data directly to the responsible person, which facilitates the traceability of the measures carried out. The time factor plays a decisive role in the use of a tablet: employees’ working time is reduced, leaving more time for operational processes in the company.

Industry 4.0 and IoT: Warehouse and Productions

The basic idea of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is that the use of intelligent machines in production or logistics is a more cost-effective and effective solution compared to human labor. Our RFID solutions optimize these processes. Productivity and the transport of goods become more efficient, more traceable and better in terms of execution through the use of IIoT and RFID technology.

Advantages of IIoT and RFID

  • Goods in warehouses or containers are easier to find
  • In the case of sensitive transport goods, the routes can be tracked in a traceable manner – in order to analyze possible defects in goods
  • Production processes can be automated and changes can be adjusted in real time
  • Maintenance work on machines can be detected by the continuous data communication of the RFID reader with the output system,
    so that disturbances or downtimes in production can be avoided
  • At the same time, the use of RFID technology increases production capacity
  • Industry 4.0 makes it easier to record and control crucial values across the entire production process

Logistics Processes for IIoT

The UHF Short Range Reader – BLUEBOX is – thanks to its compact dimensions – an intelligent and easy-to-integrate solution for logistics processes in the IIoT. As the high reading range of up to 3 meters helps to allocate goods and commodities in warehouses, this RFID reader with integrated antenna is an all-in-one solution for IIoT. UHF Short Range Reader – BLUEBOX can be easily connected to a forklift truck via the RS232 connection. The RS485 asynchronous serial interface is suitable for data communication over distances of up to 3 meters in the warehouse.

Production Processes for IIoT

The UHF Cylindrical Reader – BLUEBOX is a specially developed RFID reader in the M30 housing. Its cylindrical shape and multiple connection options are unique on the market. Thanks to its form factor and M12 connector, it can be easily integrated into production lines. The RS232 COM interface is ideal for connection to monitors, measuring devices or for printing in production. The RS485 interface is an asynchronous serial connection for long distance data communication. It represents a bidirectionally usable bus system that can be operated with up to 128 devices on one bus.

Various interface options for IIoT

The CANbus serial interface (SAE J1939 or CANopen) enables data exchange of information about goods and commodities in warehouse racks or on production lines. Long cable connections can be bypassed with this IoT interface. SAE J1939 works as a network protocol and transmits diagnostic data and control information for incoming and outgoing goods. CANopen is a communication protocol suitable for automation in warehouse or production processes. It is used to implement the networking of complex devices and plants.

The readout of databases on RFID tags can be automated with the help of our demo software. For the continuous readout of data sent as BLUEBOX telegram or in ASCII format, two different speeds can be selected for this product. It is also possible to read out additional data from any database: For example, product name, batch number, temperature or storage location can be output automatically in this way.

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