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RFID for Vending Machines in Retail & Industry

Vending machines and self-service terminals are an important part of retail, larger companies or industrial environments. The ongoing pandemic and hygiene regulations mandate an expansion of contactless payment systems wherever possible. Equip your vending machines, self-service terminals and industrial dispensers for consumables and protective equipment now with innovative and future-oriented RFID technology with PC/SC interface. A PC/SC function enables the identification of smart cards with integrated chip. The RFID HF reader validly reads the integrated NFC chip on the smartcard. This enables payment processing – either by credit or EC function. The advantage is the complete handling of the sales process with one card.

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The PC/SC interface is a flexible connection between a smart card reader and the computer. PC/SC is derived from the terms “personal computer” and “smart card”. The interface enables smart cards to be read in the PC environment. The PC/SC standard is platform and manufacturer independent and can therefore be integrated into any operating system. Possible smart cards are customer cards, employee ID cards, health insurance cards, NFC-based EC cards or credit cards.

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Our RFID Modules for Vending Machines, Self-service Terminals & Industrial Dispensers

RFID Reader Modul Serie R835

RFID Reader Module Series R835

The RFID Module R835 is a cost-effective PC/SC reader from the Embedded RFID Module R835 series. The RFID Module Reader R835 is microscopically small and compact and is suitable for integration into existing vending machines and self-service terminals.

R835 RFID module is equipped with a 3.3 – 5 Vdc power supply and requires only a power consumption of < 100 mA. The existing TTL-based interface enables easy and fast integration into existing systems thanks to the Molex plug connection.

This RFID module supports the RFID standards: ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, ISO 7816 and ISO 18000-3M3.

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RFID Reader Modul Serie M890

Das RFID Modul M890 DESFire is an embeddable OEM solution that enables smart card reading with existing devices. Single-sided laying components of the RFID module enable embedding in various industrial devices.

The 13.56 MHz function supports the RFID standards ISO 14443A/B (T=CL), ISO 14443-4, ISO 15693, ISO 18092 / ECMA-340 (NFC) and ISO 18000-3. It can be equipped with an external U.FL antenna. Depending on the transponder type and antenna, the RFID module reaches reading ranges of up to 8 cm.

In low power mode, the M890 DESFire RFID module consumes less than 1 mA.

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