RFID Supply Chain

rfid supply chain

Using RFID technology in Supply Chain applications optimizes visibility, security, and efficiency across every industrial sector. Tagging cases and pallets with RFID tags or labels helps dramatically to improve warehouse management while reducing out-of-stocks and improving sales.

RFID technology creates transparency to ensure continuous optimization of the manufacturing processes, compliance with legal regulations and standards as well as achieving maximum quality for the end consumer.

Almost any enterprise can use RFID technology to automate Supply Chain Management and Transportation Management functions such as proof of delivery, automated replenishment, and inventory tracking. RFID data can be easily incorporated into back-end enterprise planning (ERP) systems and exchanged between trading partners as a component of their EDI messages. The RFID-enabled Value Chain provide detailed information about the status and position of the goods, thus reducing costs and speeding up consumer protection.

We offer interesting RFID hardware solutions designed for Logistics Chain applications.

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