Embedded RFID Modules

Embedded RFID Modules

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Embedded RFID modules for all common frequency ranges

Are you looking for robust Embedded RFID modules for easy system integration of modern RFID technology and embedded OEM boards in all common RFID frequency ranges? Whether RFID UHF, RFID HF | NFC, LEGIC and RFID LF, iDTRONIC offers you the right RFID modules for Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things application areas in the industrial-technological environment. The areas of application of RFID technology are extremely varied. It can be implemented in existing systems in Industry 4.0 and IoT, including electronics manufacturing, EV mobility, control of medical devices, laboratory diagnostics, warehouse management, access control on machines or vending/ticket machines and many more.

Benefits of RFID modules from iDTRONIC

✔ Flexible hardware interfaces allow you to easily integrate into your hardware

      • WiFi, Ethernet (PoE), USB, RS232/485, TTL, PC/SC, (further interfaces on customer request)

✔  Universal in the support of standards and RFID transponders for a wide range of applications

      • Support for UHF, HF | NFC (+LEGIC) and LF RFID standards and more than 100 transponder types in all standards

✔ Easy integration into your IoT and Industry 4.0 projects

      • Complete SDK including all protocols, source codes and hardware descriptions

✔ Our active customer support helps you to ensure that your system works flawlessly

      • Our active customer support helps you to ensure that your system works properly

Embedded RFID modules according to your individual requirements

Plan your next IoT/RFID innovation project with iDTRONIC

Let us know your demanding requirements for Auto ID/RFID products. We have set ourselves the goal of breaking the boundaries of today’s technologies and setting new standards. We are ready to work with you to develop the right hardware for your application and product idea. Together with you, we implement your individual requirements in the shortest possible time.

Our IoT/RFID expertise will help you bridge the gap between an idea and a visionary product. In addition to the modification of existing hardware and software products, we are also ready to offer you completely new developments.

Our core competencies are:

  • Hardware modifications & developments
  • Antenna designs for on/off metal applications
  • Robust designs for dedicated application environments
  • Firmware modifications & developments

We have successfully developed hardware for leading players in markets such as:

  • Nursing and healthcare industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Electric charging stations
  • Security industry

Various antenna connections & interface options

Embedded RFID modules are available from us with integrated RFID antenna and with external RFID antenna according to your requirements. The RFID modules also have different interface options such as USB 2.0, Ethernet TCP/IP, TTL, RS232/RS485, PC/SC or WiFi.

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Including software development kit for our embedded modules

Embedded RFID modules are delivered with a software development kit. This makes it possible to develop your own software.

Our software development kit includes:

  • Hardware descriptions
  • Demo Software
  • Specifications and dimensions
  • REACH, RoHS, RED, FCC certificates
  • Installation descriptions

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SDK Software Development Kits: Download
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