Mobile Handheld Computer C4 Red

New Handheld Computer with UHF reader and Android OS

7. June 2016 — Now available: The fully rugged C4 Red RFID mobile device with integrated ISO18000-6C UHF reader and writer. Designed for mobile applications in demanding work environments, it features IP65 protection, … read the whole article

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Technologiezentrum Ludwigshafen

iDTRONIC Professional RFID, a leading manufacturer on the AutoID market, develops, manufactures and sells high end RFID products. RFID devices from iDTRONIC guarantee a fast and safe identification of moving and non-moving items. They are … read the whole article


Using the technique of block storage is no big issue for an IT-based warehouse and can offer the big advantage of movement optimisation for load trucks. But this can be tricky if stock places are not only handled automatically but … read the whole article


iDTRONIC Sicherheits Expo 2016

July 06 – 07, Munich, Germany The Security Trade Fair (SicherheitsExpo) Munich has been established during the past years as an important event and as an important meeting point for all persons responsible for security. It has gained an extraordinary reputation in international committees. Visit … read the whole article

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