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RFID Modules for e-Charging Stations

Electric charging stations for e-Mobility have been experiencing strong growth for several years. More and more service station operators, companies and supermarkets are equipping their parking lots with e-charging stations. Customers want ease of use, uncomplicated handling and safety. E-charging station operators therefore need a secure and easy-to-provide solution that simplifies the charging management of electric vehicles. Successful implementation can be ensured through optimal interaction between hardware, software and service.

By integrating an RFID module with Near-Field Communication (NFC) into the charging station, authorized use is possible. Charging stations for electric vehicles use this technology to verify access for authorized users. RFID cards and keyfobs can be used as access data to unlock the charging station.

iDTRONIC offers a wide range of personalizable RFID transponders (user data encoding, printing of logos and user data).
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Our RFID Modules for e-Charging Stations

RFID Reader Modul Serie R835

RFID Reader Module R835

The RFID Modul R835 is a NFC reader. The RFID Module Reader R835 is ideally suited for integration into existing charging pole systems due to its small size and existing mounting holes.

Due to the 3.3 – 5 Vdc power supply, the RFID module only requires a power consumption of < 100 mA. The existing TTL-based interface allows an easy and fast integration into existing e-charging stations thanks to the Molex connector. A USB (VCOM, HID or PC/SC) interface is also available as an option..

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RFID Reader Modul Serie M900

RFID Reader Module M900

The RFID Module M900 is a NFC reader core module with SMD capability. The microscopic design can be integrated into charging columns and e-charging stations even when space is at a premium. The RFID module can be equipped with an external antenna thanks to the attached solder pads.

It operates energy efficient with 3.3 – 5 Vdc power supply and requires less than < 1 mA. The existing TTL-based interface allows easy and fast integration into existing charging stations thanks to the Molex connector. Optional USB (VCOM, HID or PC/SC) interface is also available.

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Your advantages when implementing an RFID module from iDTRONIC

  • Simple, fast and convenient integration into your existing charging pole or e-charging station

  • Latest contactless HF | NFC reading technology and supports 98% of all available IC types

  • Suitable for a wide range of interfaces such as USB-HID, USB-PC/SC, USB-VCOM, TTL or MODBUS RTU

  • Integrated I/Os or LEDs for an exact status display during the charging process

  • Integrated RFID antenna or external U.FL antenna connector

  • Customer-specific adjustments of firmware and hardware is possible

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We show you the RFID solutions for e-charging stations for e-mobility:

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