Our customer Trackware developed an innovative solution for rail trackside RFID tags reading on freight wagons for his client ProRail in the Netherlands. Trackware designed a RFID portal by using iDTRONIC’s UHF Embedded Module M950.


Cooperation between the Companies:
Trackware: https://www.trackware.nl
iDTRONIC GmbH: https://www.idtronic-rfid.com

Application Area:
Tracking of long running freight wagons on a railway in the Netherlands..

Initial Situation:
Installation of a RFID portal for tracking long running freight wagons.
The freight wagons were equipped with RFID Tags.

Customer Information:
The company Trackware develops and produces in-house Trackware TW® tracking & tracing products in combination with -state of the art- RFID technology. Trackware provides the integration of RFID into the (production) process. As a system integrator, they connect the RFID reader to the warehouse management system (WMS), Scada
package or Manufacturing Execution System (MES), using the interface capabilities of each system.

Initial Situation:

The Dutch railway company ProRail wants to track long running freight wagons on a railway yard in Hilversum, Netherlands.
Trackware installed his TW Lora 3-6 RFID portal as an innovative solution for railway trackside RFID tags reading on freight wagons.

The environmentally innovative solution must achieve the following requirements:

  • Rapid and exact tracking of the freight wagons passes by 500 msec
  • Energy efficiency by using a solar panel
  • Fast installation of RFID portal (< 1.5 hrs)
  • Transmission of data in a low energy way by using the KPN LoRa network
  • RFID reader should only active at the time a train pass

Project Definition:

Trackware relies on the iDTRONIC UHF Embedded Module M950 to ensure rapid and exact identification and allocation of the fast passing freight wagons. Special designed UHF RFID Rail Tags are glued to the freight wagons. The battery of the RFID portal is charged by solar power, so it’s working all the time.


The RFID portal of Trackware was installed on a railway yard in Hilversum, Netherlands in just 1.5 hrs. This autonomous RFID portal operates without any connection to a power supply and to the internet. It runs by a very small installed solar panel (30 × 60 cm). This is the only source of energy.

This innovative RFID portal was equipped with the iDTRONIC UHF Embedded Module M950. The installed scanner must be able to start up in maximum 500 msec when a train passes by at possibly high speed. The iDTRONIC UHF Embedded Module M950 fulfill these requirements with its high reading range of 10 meters by using an ultra-high frequency UHF range.

The sending of the data of the trains is accomplished in a low energy way by using the new KPN LoRa network. LoRa is a low power, long range IoT network in the Netherlands. Trackware has a national coverage over it. It can be compared to the NB-IoT network of Vodaphone that is available in Germany. The system can also be equipped with a NB-IoT based communication interface.

Further information to our applied product

Embedded UHF Module M950


Exclusive feedback of TRACKWARE about the usage of the system:


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