Our customer, Parador, has used our RFID devices for a newly-developed, interactive table. The table was designed to give their clients a realistic view of different flooring options in selected rooms using augmented reality (AR). This POS solution should help the customer to find the right floor in a simple and interactive way.



  • Cooperation between the Companies:
    Parador: https://www.parador.de/
    iDTRONIC Professional RFID: https://www.idtronic-rfid.com/
    Demodern: https://demodern.com/projects/interactive-table-for-digital-point-of-sale
  • Application Area:
    Interactive Point-of-Sale flooring preview sales concept in Parador Stores
  • Initial Situation:
    Development of a Smart Table as a POS system for the targeted sale of flooring. The floors are to be identified by the table using RFID technology and sent to an iPad. The customer should receive an AR representation of the chosen flooring in a selectable room situation (Living room, Bath room, Kitchen, …), on the iPad.

Customer Information:

The manufacturer, Parador, has been developing high-quality flooring from traditional wood for over 40 years. The company works with international designers to set new trends. Parador has been awarded with both the German Design Award and the reddot Award for product design several times throughout the years.

Initial Situation:

Together with Demodern, Parador has developed an interactive table for the POS. The Digital POS System is designed to help customers find the right floor for their home. Together with the impression of the feel and appearance of the floor in the specialist trade, the customer should get a preview of the spatial effect of the floor and also call up information and details about the product:

  • The selected floor pattern is to be placed on an intended table surface
  • The pattern is to be sent to a tablet by real-time transfer
  • Display of the floor in defined room situations of the customers on a tablet
  • Use of RFID technology to identify, assign and display the pattern


Parador uses special UHF Wet Inlay Labels to mark the floor patterns. The labels are read by the UHF Stick Reader EVO installed inside the table and the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. The table is equipped with an iPad Pro. The iPad has a self-developed app for displaying the floor in a selectable room situation which the customer chooses. With the StudioConcept from Parador, the customer can choose up to two favourite floor patterns and place them simultaneously on the table for reading.

After placing the floor plates on the table, the attached UHF Wet Inlay Labels are identified by the UHF Stick Reader EVO and sent to the iPad. The UHF Stick Reader EVO is recognized as an input device by the keyboard emulation mode. It transmits the data directly to the iPad via real-time transfer. The integrated antenna and the global UHF frequency (ETSI & FCC) reliably identify and read the labels with the Stick Reader. The UHF Wet Inlay Labels are characterized by excellent performance and robustness.

„This sales model makes it easier than ever for the customer to find the perfect floor.
The presentation of the floors and the interactivity support the decision-making process.“

UHF Wet Inlays


UHF Stick Reader EVO




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