Our customer ID.Conference uses our RFID antennas in its transit terminals for visitor registration during conferences and meetings. ID.Conference uses the iDTRONIC UHF Embedded Module M950 and the UHF Patch Antenna A901 for this project.


  • Cooperation between the Companies:
    ID Conference: idconference.eu
    iDTRONIC GmbH: idtronic-rfid.com
  • Application Area:
    Visitor registration in the context of events, meetings and conferences
  • Initial Situation:
    Tracking and analysis of actual visitors to an event

Customer Information:

The company ID.Conference is an event management platform for organizers and participants of events. The goal of ID.Conference is to simplify the organization of events and the registration of participants with the option of RFID UHF accreditation tracking. ID.Conference is a comprehensive event management solution. The solution includes an online registration platform and an RFID UHF station to track and share participant control. The ID.Conference team has been working together for 6 years. During this time, 120 events were accompanied, and more than 50,000 participants were accredited.

Initial Situation:

The event management platform ID.Conference offers an RFID terminal for visitor registration as part of the CompTIA ChannelCon 2018 conference. The visitors are to be automatically registered at the entrance and at the exit by means of the RFID terminal. This system is to be used for lectures. The RFID tracking system should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Real-Time Tracking of visitors
  • Fast & Accurate Tracking of visitors
  • Avoidance of large crowds of visitors
  • Transmission of data for analysis and evaluation for future events

Project Definition:

ID.Conference relies on the iDTRONIC UHF Embedded Module M950 in combination with the UHF Patch Antenna A901 to ensure a fast and accurate identification and assignment of large crowds of visitors.

How it works:

Before an event, visitors must provide their data via an online platform in order to register. On the day of the event, a visitor pass with RFID function will be issued. This means he is automatically registered each time hepasses through the terminals.

The RFID terminal is equipped with the iDTRONIC UHF Embedded Module M950. Visitors who do not pass the terminal directly can be detected by the high reading range of 1.5 meters. Direct contact is not necessary.

The terminal records the visitor and automatically checks whether he is registered for this event. If this is not the case, a red light illuminates on the terminal. Successful registration is confirmed by a green light. The visitor data is forwarded directly from the terminal to a system. There the data is collected and evaluated. This data is essential for the organisers of the event.

► Example – Evaluations for Lectures:

(1) Many registered visitors indicate a high level of interest in the topic. The next event can be better planned in terms of topics and speakers.
(2) Several visitors can be found in one room at certain times. Lectures can be better scheduled.
(3) Visitors who have listened to presentations from your industry or from outside.

Further Information on the Products

Embedded UHF Module M950 

Product Info

UHF Patch Antenna A901

Product Info

Exclusive Feedback of ID.Conference about the use of the System:

  • The iDTRONIC Embedded Module M950 enables a fast and exact tracking of the fast passing crowds of visitors.
  • The high reading range also detects visitors not passing the terminal directly.
  • The RS232/TTL interface ensures simple data transmission to the system.


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