RFID Tags are available in all possible variations and RFID frequency ranges. iDTRONIC as a proven supplier for robust and powerful identification solutions offers a wide range of RFID tags, RFID labels and RFID transponders. We offer the right RFID tag solution for almost every application need. In the following we will give you an overview about our Special RFID Tags for Asset Tracking, Automated Vehicle Identification and Laundry Management.

Asset Tracking in Chemical High-Temperature Environments

The Identification of small parts or tools in automation environments are essential for a succesfull production process. The RFID Asset Tags are especially suited for chemical Cleaning and Sterilization processes in medical areas. The small dimensions and the compact design in round or angular shape, is especially developed for the form factor of Tools, Medical Cutlery and other small parts.

The Xerafy XS Series is worldwide the smallest RFID Tags for embedding into metal tools. Sterilization Processes with gas-tight sealable pressure vessels withstands several cycles thanks to ATEX and IP68 certification. The integrated global RFID UHF Frequency supports the Standard EPC Class 1 Gen 2; ISO 18000-6C. The RFID Tags work reliable in reading ranges of up to 2 meters. They are embeddable into almost all tools thanks to the different dimensions.

Parking Space Management with RFID AVI Tags

Blocked access to parking facilities requires special protection against unauthorised access. Physical protection is optimally secured by the use of barriers. The valid control of which vehicle is permitted for a certain parking area can be carried out with RFID technology. By installing a special RFID AVI reader at the barrier, a valid identification is possible.

Personalized RFID Labels for the Windshield help to allocate the right vehicle to the right parking space. Our Windshield Label was specially developed for this type of application. The integrated UHF Frequency with a reading range of up to 7 meters reads the RFID label reliably. It easily withstands changing weather conditions thanks to its IP67 protection class.

Laundry Management in Textile Cleaning

Companies, hospitals or hotels often make use of textile cleaning services for workwear, bed linen or OP clothing. Efficient and accurate tracking of laundry is of highest relevance within the allocation of textiles. By attaching the label to the linen product, customized parts can be coded with the same UID. The identification of the label can be handled by means of a handheld. The use of labels within cleaning processes saves time in handling. The UHF Polyester Laundry Tag has a very good mechanical durability. It can be easily & discreetly sewn onto textiles or stored in the pockets of clothing. Compared to chemical substances (e.g. detergents) the label remains intact due to its cotton/polyester structure.

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