RFID Wall Reader: HF | NFC Access Reader NEO
Employee identification on production lines in the industry 4.0 environment

Industry requires particularly transparent and effective processes in your production facilities. Be it in employee registration at machines, access authorization to safety-relevant areas or working time recording. With the HF | NFC Access Reader NEO, iDTRONIC now delivers a combination of reliable hardware and extensive firmware options to take the next step in integrated IoT solutions. Thanks to the newly designed hardware, the reader supports over 95% of the currently available HF | NFC transponders with reading ranges of up to 5 cm. The integrated LED indicator shows the successful detection of the RFID transponders. Using the RS485 – MODBUS or the USB interface, the data is securely transmitted to the host system.

► Product Site: HF | NFC Access Reader – NEO

► Integrated RFID Antenna for Identification of RFID Tags

Thanks to the integrated RFID antenna, the RFID reader reads a wide range of RFID transponders in the HF and NFC frequency range 13.56 MHz. The RFID reader supports HF transponders of the ISO standard ISO/IEC 14443A/B and ISO 15693 and can read and write RFID tags with MIFARE® Classic / DESFire & many other transponder types. The HF | NFC Access Reader NEO reaches reading ranges of up to 5 cm in the HF and NFC range – depending on tag orientation and transponder type. The integrated LED display indicates successful tag communication.

► Supported Transponders and Tags


► Technical Data

    – RS485 or USB 2.0 interface

    – Power consumption of < 90 mA

    – Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

    – Dimensions: 100 × 46 × 20 mm | Weight: 48 g

    – IP Protection Class: 65

► Employee Identification at Machines (Machine Authentication)

Nowadays, user identification represents a significant safety factor at all production facilities or machines. RFID technology plays a special role here, as it is versatile and can be easily integrated into existing access systems. The systems and access authorizations can be easily expanded by connecting additional RFID readers to the production machines. This is mostly done by directly connecting the devices to existing PLC systems. In the field of Industry 4.0, this not only results in higher reliability in the area of employee identification, it also reduces the downtime of the individual machines and there are fewer operator errors on the systems. iDTRONIC’s HF | NFC Access Reader NEO offers the optimal hardware solution for RFID cards or transponders for this purpose, in order to supplement existing systems with machine authentication. Alternatively, we also offer a panel reader with a special device for reading RFID keyfobs on systems and machines.
HF | NFC Panel Reader – NEO

► Available Versions and Order Codes

     RS485 Interface: R-EA-WR-ID500-HF-485

     USB 2.0 Interface: R-EA-WR-ID500-HF-USB

The RFID HF | NFC Access Reader – NEO from iDTRONIC comes with a useful configuration tool for the development of controller, Linux or Windows based applications. In addition to documentation and command protocols, the SDK includes a Windows-based demo application with full functionality across all supported HF RFID standards. The SDK simplifies interfacing with your existing systems with the help of our demo software introduction.

► Link Configuration Tool: SDK Download

You need a custom firmware for your application?
iDTRONIC offers customer-specific firmware adaptations on request.

► PDF Download: https://idtronic-rfid.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Press-Release_Access-Reader-NEO_iDTRONIC.pdf

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