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Besides choosing the right RFID reader and writer for an application and environment, a suitable RFID Antennas is the most important component of an optimally coordinated identification system. Depending on the application and specific requirements, they differ from each other in design, performance, capacity and reading range.

iDTRONIC offers RFID antenna types for a wide range of applications and uses. This includes robust far field outdoor antennas with wide reading field, ultra slim indoor near field antennas, as well as patch antennas. Our HF and UHF RFID antenna deliver a quick and precise identification and are suitable for the industry.

Discover here our RFID Antennas depending on the desired frequency:


All of our RFID antennas are optimized for the BLUEBOX industrial RFID readers and writers product line. Each antenna has different strengths and fits specific types of readers, connectors and purposes. In addition to standard antennas with linear and circular polarization we offer high gain long-range RFID antenna for portal and gate solutions. Tough rated enclosures for a long service life ensure reliable protection against dust, water and other environmental impacts.

The ultra-low-profile line of general purpose antennas completes our RFID antenna portfolio. These rugged and versatile UHF antennas meet the needs of virtually any application in industry, retail and event business, indoors and outdoors. For global use most antennas are available for ETSI, 864 – 869 MHz as well as FCC, 902 – 928 MHz frequencies.

As part of RFID portals and gates, our antennas are widely used for access control and asset tracking. Thanks to maximum flexibility, the UHF and HF antennas can be installed and used even in the smallest space. A wide selection of interfaces enables fast and easy connection and integration.

For our embedded RFID modules and readers we provide an own selection of compact patch RFID antenna in different sizes and design. Our sales teams will gladly assist you in finding the right model.

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Handel Retail
Teileverfolgung Asset Tracking
Materialtransport Container Tracking
Zufahrtskontrolle AVI
Lagerwirtschaft Warehousing
SCM Logistics
Zeitmessung Time Measurement