iDTRONIC’s BLUEBOX UHF RFID systems with CAN interface can be connected directly to the control systems of vehicles and mobile machines. It enables  identification processes within complex commercial vehicle operations.


The robust BLUEBOX UHF RFID devices are equipped with either CANopen or J1939 interfaces and specially designed for identification tasks on agricultural machinery, municipal vehicles and construction machinery. The identification of attachments and connected machines ensures the configuration of the vehicle
throughout their use. In addition operating times and maintenance intervals can be recorded and reviewed. The IP67 protection class ideally suited for the harsh environment such vehicles face during  their daily tasks.

  ► Application Example: 

  • Agricultural machinery (e.g. tractor)
  • Municipal vehicles (e.g. Unimog)
  • Construction machinery (e.g. excavator

Product information: BLUEBOX Cylindrical Reader M30 UHF
Product information:


Allow farmers to track the bale during the harvest is an essential task during the harvest. iDTRONIC’s UHF RFID systems can help the hay producers to more efficiently manage their production, warehouse and logistic processes.

During the harvest the bale will be equipped with an RFID chip and can be tracked throughout the complete process. After baling the farmer can easily scan the RFID transponder with a vehicle mounted RFID reader which is connected via CANBus directly to the electronic system of the tractor. There are two main RFID readers at iDTRONIC available which are suitable for this application.

1. BLUEBOX UHF cylindrical reader with a reading range of up to 40cm. It is specially designed for narrow mounting position close by the RFID transponder.

2. BLUEBOX UHF CX  controllers with internal or external antennas and reading ranges of up to 10m. It specially designed to identify a wider range of transponders. In the option with 2 antenna outputs, you can mount it in the middle of your vehicle and place an antenna on the front site and back site to identify the tags,

Using either one of the RFID readers, the producer will be able to send the RFID data combined with the weight, moisture, time and GPS locations to their data center for further processing.


  • ISO 18000-63 (EPC Class 1 GEN2)
  • Support 865 to 868MHz (ETSI) or 902 to 928MHz (FCC*)
  • Up to 10 meter reading range**
  • CANBus (CANopen or SAE J1939)
  • 10 to 36Vdc
  • Up to IP67
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 55°C
  • SDK incl upgradeable Firmware

* On request
** Depending on environment, installation conditions, transponder type, reader type and reader configuration

BLUEBOX Cylindrical Reader M30 UHF: Download
► BLUEBOX CX LR 2CH: Download

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