Spindschloss-ID-Lock 3000

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BURG F.W. Lüling KG &



Locking systems for:

  • Retail and industry
  • Public buildings
  • Fitness market

Starting situation:

Locking systems with read-only embedded modules in the LF range (125 kHz | EM 4200), Extension of BURG locker with HF embedded modules (13.56 MHz) with the possibility of reading and writing

The company BURG F.W. Lüling KG, with its headquarters in Wetter, is a manufacturer of locks and locking systems. Starting with a padlock, their portfolio has evolved to consist of many innovative in-house developments – including locking cylinder, knobs/ grips, electronical and mechanical locking systems. At the beginning of 2016 BURG F.W. Lüling KG entered into a partnership with iDTRONIC GmbH, who has the necessary experience and expertise in the field of RFID technology. BURG started this partnership with the aim of serving a larger market.  As iDTRONIC GmbH is a leading manufacturer and developer of high quality RFID hardware, RFID devices guarantee a fast and safe identification of moving and non-moving assets and persons. iDTRONIC offers hardware for all common RFID standards and frequencies, including LF 125 kHz, HF 13.56 MHz and global UHF 865-928 MHz.

Background of the partnership

A decisive factor for this partnership was BURG F.W. Lüling’s need for embedded modules in the HF range, which they wanted to integrate into their CORONA line of locks. This integration promised to satisfy the needs of an even larger market. The read-only LF modules, which were installed in the previous versions of the locks, only allowed the reading of RFID transponders. Due to this fact, the use of the lock was very one-sided. The need to equip the CORONA with the RFID standard HF will give the CORONA lock a greater flexibility. The embeddable HF modules ensure both reading and writing of RFID transponders. The fitness and wellness industries should particularly benefit from this new innovation, due to its simple integration into existing systems and its interconnection with other applications.

Implementation and challenges

With the start of the project BURG communicated their guidelines and requirements to eliminate misunderstandings from the onset of this partnership, effectively speeding up implementation. For the implementation itself, iDTRONIC had to adapt its RFID HF embedded module to BURG’s specific requirements and had to optimize them for use in the CORONA lock system. The new embedded module proved it possible to even improve the functionality of the lock, a welcomed additional consequence to this partnership.

During the implementation process, the following challenge was presented to iDTRONIC: A power-saving module had to be created in order to achieve the greatest possible closing operation. The company solved this problem through a power-saving integrated circuit of NXP and with optimization of internal procedures in the firmware.

iDTRONIC optimized their OEM module, M890, for the CORONA lock. Normally available with four interfaces – including TTL, RS232, RS485 and USB – and its compatibility with operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Android, the M890 Embedded Module has a versatile range of application and may be integrated into many different types of systems. The flexibility of the OEM module is additionally enhanced by the low power consumption of 5 or 3.3 V and a reading range of up to 8 cm, depending on the type of the used transponder and antenna. The optimized embedded module engineered for BURG is equipped with a TTL interface and is characterized by its very low power consumption of only 3.3 V which meets the requirement for a long battery life. The M 890 is not only energy-saving but also space-saving. This is necessitated by the small space available in the CORONA lock. The OEM modules must be connected to an external antenna so the lock can read and write data from and to transponders. For this purpose, iDTRONIC developed a completely new antenna for the CORONA lock, which will be placed in the knob and will be tuned to MIFARE®.

Burg undertook the final assembly of the embedded modules with the basic electronics and mechanics in the lock.

Application example

The fact that BURG and iDTRONIC have shown a great sensitivity in the further development of the locking systems is reflected by the already increased demand for the CORONA lock in the fitness and wellness sector. Several studios have already equipped their lockers with the CORONA system – as well as the Vitawell fitness center. The lock has received positive response due to its easy installation as well as the ease of retrofitting the lock into existing cabinets and lockers. Furthermore, the system may be integrated into either metal or wooden doors. Additionally the lock is very easy to operate, with an LED ring in the knob clearly indicating the lock’s status. Visitor, then, may immediately see which lockers are occupied and which are available. The remarkable reading speed of the embedded modules ensures a fast opening and closing of the locker within seconds.


BURG and iDTRONIC have already announced that they will keep up this partnership. They intend to continue the further development of joint projects. The satisfaction of both parties on the achieved results, in addition to the innovation which came from this project, strengthen the partnership. Further locks have already been planned.

The cooperation has more than paid off for both companies. BURG F.W. Lüling KG benefits from the competence and expertise of iDTRONIC, which they are using for new product developments. In exchange, iDTRONIC GmbH also sells the CORONA lock with the embedded modules under the name iDTRONIC Well FIT. As a result, iDTRONIC can offer a wider range of products to its customers.


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