New Product Release Planned for the Third Quarter of 2022!

RFID Ladestation

Since its foundation in 2003, iDTRONIC has become a leading manufacturer in the AutoID market, producing high-end RFID products such as RFID handhelds, modules, readers, antennas, tags and transponders. The company is focusing product development in 2022 on embedded RFID devices that provide additional functionality and open up new application areas.

► New Embedded RFID Reader Supports Payment Functionality

The new embedded RFID reader is designed for applications at charging stations. As a result, the charging infrastructure is changing from transponders tied to network operators, which do not enable uniform payment, to an interconnected payment solution with NFC.

“Embedded RFID readers offer significant advantages for flexible payment options in the e-mobility sector,” emphasizes Patrick Kochendörfer, Senior Product Manager, iDTRONIC. “According to the plans of the German government, 15 million electric vehicles are to be registered in Germany by 2030 and the charging infrastructure is to be expanded to one million charging stations. Uniform payment options are necessary to make e-mobility user-friendly.”

► HF and NFC Enable New Features

The new embedded RFID devices offer advantages beyond the field of electromobility. Users are deploying combination solutions of UHF, HF and NFC instead of just UHF. For example, UHF is used in production and logistics, HF and NFC in retail and for customer interaction.

“HF and NFC are often used in access control solutions or as a payment medium,” explains Patrick Kochendörfer. “Meanwhile, these technologies are used for advanced customer interactions, for example as proof of authenticity or for transmitting product information. These application areas are targeted by the development of new embedded RFID readers that offer advanced features for multiple technologies.”

The market launch of the new embedded RFID readers is planned for the third quarter of 2022. Contact the experts at iDTRONIC and learn more!

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