Retailers face the constant demand to have the right goods available at the right places in the right quantities.
Using RFID technology is the right solution to achieve this.

RFID offers benefits from the manufacturing facility all the way through to the point of sale. Immediate benefits of utilizing RFID tags for retail include inventory accuracy, decrease in inventory count time, reduced man hours required for restocking, improved customer service with increased man hours available for customer interaction, increased in-stock position and shelf level accuracy and more efficient back room replenishment.

RFID allows retailers to complement existing systems while gathering more information throughout the whole application. Systems with the power to update the information that moves with an individual product provide complete visibility.

RFID also can act like a security guard at a gateway. As goods are moved from dock to truck to store, RFID can conduct automatic inventories and compare the goods with the manifest. Goods flow becomes more complete, stock outs are reduced, overages are curtailed and accounting discrepancies are removed. RFID tagged products also ensure perfect brand authentication.