Our RFID Embedded HF Modules M890 | M900 | R835 are suitable for a wide range of application within RFID HF Frequency Areas. The RFID HF Modules are applicable for about 100 transponder types from different ISO standards. They support ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3M3 and ISO 7816 compatible RFID Tags and Transponders. During the development of each individual RFID OEM module, in addition to fast, efficient and secure read and data transmission, the focus was on easy integration into existing systems. The flexible Hardwares Interfaces for Industry 4.0 and IoT environments allow you an easy connection to your individual application. We deliver our RFID Embedded HF modules including a software development kit. This contains Hardware Descriptions, Demo Software, Specifications and Dimensions, REACH, RoHS, RED Certificates and Installations Instructions.

RFID Embedded HF Module Series M900

The RFID Embedded HF Modul Series M900 impresses with its small and compact design. It is suitable for applications with little space requirement. Due to the single-face assembled components and the TTL interface it is applicable for SMD assembly systems. It is available in 4 different configurations: DESFire, ISO 18000-3, HF and MIFARE. This makes the RFID Embedded HF Module M900 flexible for a wide range of applications.

Application Example: Locker Lock Systems

Locker Lock systems for production employees in large companies require special protection against misuse. By integrating RFID technology into existing locking systems, the locker can be opened with an RFID tag or transponder. The personalized RFID chip on the transponder contains a unique UID that is assigned to the respective employee.

Application Example: Health Diagnostic Systems

Surgical equipment in operating rooms requires valid evaluations of the patient’s current state of health. The integration of the RFID OEM M900 module helps to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the control of the devices. With the help of a special RFID tag the use of the device can be enabled.

RFID Embedded HF Module Series M890

The RFID Embedded HF Module Series M890 impresses with its various interface options. It is suitable for demanding applications. The RFID Module is available with TTL, USB VCP, USB HID, RS232/485 and PC/SC interface. This makes it flexibly applicable in different hardware. It is available for different configurations: DESFire, ISO 18000-3, PSAM, HF and MIFARE.

Application Example: Machine Authentification

Machines in large productions for plants require authorized access. The integration of the M890 module into the control panel of a machine protects the machine control against unauthorized access. The responsible employee logs into the panel using his RFID tag. The control panel then releases the control elements and the employee can operate the machine.

Application Example: Patient in room Identification

The correct identification of the patient in the hospital room is important for the treatment by the medical staff. By embedding the RFID OEM module M890 in the equipment of the patient’s room, the attending physician or nurse gets an exact overview of the patient’s data.

RFID Embedded HF Module Series R835

The RFID Embedded HF Module Series R835 impresses with its integrated antenna. The R835 RFID Module is suitable for many applications within the medical sector, in vending machines for payment processing or also within the framework of access management. It is available with a TTL interface and in 4 different configurations: DESFire, ISO 18000-3, PSAM, HF and MIFARE.

Application Example: Vending Machines

Vending machines in large canteens, refectories or companies are an essential part of today’s business. Payment processing can be simplified by integrating the R835 module. Using personalized employee cards or transponders, the employee can pay directly by holding the card upright.

Application Example: EV Charging

Electric mobility vehicles are being driven more and more. This pioneering technology has already established itself on the market. The chargepoints are often located at public parking lots. To prevent unauthorized access, the R835 module can be integrated. With an authorised chip card only authorised persons fill up at the charger.

Customer-Specific Modifications on Modules and Software

We also offer customer-specific adaptations of the hardware and software according to individual requirements. It is possible to design the module with different dimensions and slots. Furthermore, the modules can be individually extended with additional functions. To ensure functionality, we first develop prototypes for the test phase. Let us know your demanding requirements for Auto-ID/RFID products. We have set ourselves the goal of breaking through the limits of today’s technologies and setting new standards. We are ready to work with you to develop the right hardware for your application and product idea. Together with you, we implement your individual requirements in the shortest possible time.

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